Independent Grocers Impact Mississippi

By John Dunham and Associates: New York 2013

Independent retail supermarkets and the wholesalers that supply them play a vital role in the communities they serve and are a major contributor to the economy of Mississippi. Most are privately held, family-owned entrepreneurial businesses that are dedicated to their customers, associates and communities. They generate millions in sales, create thousands of stable, well-paying jobs, generate millions in taxes and stimulate additional economic activity through investments in stores, inventory and equipment.

Stores and Sales

From single store operators to multi-store regional operators, independent grocers account for a significant portion of the foods, beverages and other consumable products bought by Mississippi's consumers. The independent grocery channel includes 271 stores and generates $961.59 million in annual sales. Independents operate supermarkets of all formats and sizes that cater to a wide variety of consumer tastes providing options for shoppers who want to support home town and regional businesses.

Jobs and Wages

Independent grocers serve as economic and social anchors in the Mississippi communities they serve and are directly responsible for creating and maintaining 7,520 stable, reliable jobs. These jobs generate $202.68 million in wages paid to long term employees who have established careers in the industry, as well as young people seeking their first work experience.

The importance of the independent grocer is seen far beyond these direct employees. When factoring in the impact of the goods and services purchased but not resold (equipment, supplies, technology, transportation, legal, real estate, etc.) and the ripple effect of that economic activity, the total number of jobs created jumps to 11,270 with total wages of $843.02 million. All told, the independent grocery channel is responsible for about 0.862 percent of Mississippi's economy.


Independent supermarkets and the wholesalers that serve them are also a major source of tax revenue for Federal, state and local governments. All told the independent channel and their employees generate about $86.30 million in state and local tax revenues, or 1.22 percent of the total. Additionally, independent grocers generate $68.11 million in Federal taxes and collect billions of dollars in sales taxes on behalf of state, city and regional governments.

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